Experts in Business Intelligence and Life Cycle Support

Who we are

A network of professionals with a background and over 20 yrs of experience in:

  • Intelligence analytics
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Process monitoring and optimization
  • Operation and Maintenance of remote monitoring facilities
  • Integrated logistics support. Reliability studies. Risk analysis

In different sectors such as:

  • International (UN associated) organizations and defence
  • Private: engineering, energy and retail
  • Academic: post-graduate

What we do

We transform the data of the different business areas of your company into strategic information, thus facilitating decision-making and the definition of business strategies.

We analyse and publish periodic reports on the performance of strategic areas, so you can assess the situation at a glance. We also provide corporate reports to distribute to your stakeholders.

We guide you in identifying the information relevant to each role in your company. We ensure it is available when and where it is required.

We improve the visibility of your business. We map processes and identify the associated human and knowledge resources. We document processes; thus they are repeatable, and knowledge transfer is no longer an issue.